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How are you feeling?

Today I’m feeling good! I’ve managed to go for a walk in the sunshine (helps to get my daughter to sleep as well as giving us vitamin D) and I’ve started or resumed some projects I haven’t been able to for a while (like this blog!). I’m keeping in contact with loved ones on video calls. Today I feel like I’ve got things sussed.

But the events of the past two weeks have meant I’ve not felt like this everyday. Self-isolation, social distancing and lockdown have all taken their toll; and it’s meant I’ve felt many more emotions in a short time frame than usual. Fear, doubt, relief, anger, sadness and grief are just a few of the emotions I’ve wrangled with. Last night I turned to my husband and said “I’m going to bed. I feel pants, really low, and I don’t know why.”

For those of us with children we’re not only processing this for ourselves, but often also for our little ones. Helping them process those emotions takes an additional toll on the parent. My 5 month old is a bit too young to be impacted herself, but I’m sure she’s picking up on my increased worry and stress; so I’m trying to suppress it around her. Putting on a smile through tears has been tough some days.

Things that have helped me are: taking a moment to identify how I’m feeling; sharing that with another person, whether that’s a phone call, a WhatsApp message or face-to-face; and giving myself the space to feel the emotion without beating myself up for having it.

I hope you’re also feeling good today - but if not, know you’re not alone. The Milk Mentors are looking to reach out into the community with a larger online presence during this turbulent period through Zoom video chats, Facebook live posts, this blog and email. We’re primarily committed to supporting parents reach their feeding goals with their infants, however if we help to create a more connected community that’s good too. So feel free to join the chat sessions for some social contact, or reach out to us if you need some support or guidance with feeding your infant.

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